Sturdee Residences Elites

ERA Singapore is proud to be the marketing agency for Sturdee Residences. This iconic residential development stands tall at 30-story high with Sky gardens, Sky gym and Sky park. with 305 units, this new development will transform this Singapore heritage area. ERA Singapore Sturdee Residences Elites is a group of dedicated salesperson to assist our client in the project. We are all well trained, professional and friendly. See you at our Sturdee Residences Showroom soon!

SR Elite Fun

SR Elite Training

SR Elite Door Knock

SR Elite Road Show

    As part of ERA Project Marketing team, we  work as one family. Fun and fruitful activities fill up our working life with Sturdee Residences Elite Team. We constantly have group competitions to bring the family together. Below are the scores!

    Second competition period 1.6.2016- 30.6.2016

    ERA Sturdee Residences

    • Sturdee Tagger ICs 73% 73%
    • A Sturdee Warriors 12% 12%
    • B Bao Huat 63% 63%
    • C Penthouse Team 28% 28%
    • D Steady Sturdee 30% 30%
    • E Excellence Team 35% 35%

    27.6.2016- Road Show at Buangkok (Raymond +8, Sherlyn +8, Elaine +8)

    25.6.2016- Facebook posting (Bao Huat Team +30, Penthouse Team +5, Steady Sturdee +10, Excellence +10, Tagger ICs +5)

    10.6.2016- Tagger IC Team (Jack Ong 1st tagging +5)

    8.6.2016- Road Show (Steady Sturdee Lim Willy +2, Bowie Neo +2, CK Lau +2, Jimmy Lim +2 and Tagger IC Eric Goh +2), Tagger IC Team (Julian 3rd tagging +15)

    7.6.2016- Road Show (Sturdee Warriors Elaine Chen +2, Bau Huat Team Cherlyn Loh +2, Raymond Loke +2), Tagger ICs (Julian 2nd tagging +10)

    6.6.2016- Facebook posting (Tagger ICs +16, Sturdee Warriors +2, Bau Huat Team +13, Penthouse Team +23, Steady Sturdee +12, Excellence Team +25)

    2.6.2016- Tagger IC Team (Julian 1st tagging +5)

    1.6.2016- Tagger IC Team (Jeannie Goh closing +10, Tiffany 1st tagging +5)

    Congratulations to Steady Sturdee for winning the first competition! Enjoy the Japanese Buffet by DD Kelvin, Terrance and Chris!

    Congratulations to Team Steady Sturdee for being the Champion for the first competition!

    ERA Sturdee Residences

    • Sturdee Tagger ICs 70% 70%
    • A Sturdee Warriors 35% 35%
    • B Bao Huat 73% 73%
    • C Penthouse Team 67% 67%
    • D Steady Sturdee 92% 92%
    • E Excellence Team 79% 79%

    17.5.2016- Best Home Assignment (Steady Sturdee +20, Excellence Team +20)

    17.5.2016- Facebook posting with WhatsApp submission (Sturdee Warriors +10, Bao Huat +6, Penthouse +4, Steady Sturdee +14, Excellence +6, Tagger ICs +6)

    16.5.2016- Good Team Work (Bao Huat +10, Steady Sturdee +10, Excellence Team +10, Penthouse Team +10) Submitted Home Assignment (Bao Huat +10, Steady Sturdee +10, Excellence +10, Penthouse Team +10)

    12.5.2016- Penthouse Team (Road Show at SIR by Richard +2, Stevie +2, Daniel Goh +2), Bau Huat Team (Road Show at Potong Pasir by Cherlyn +2, Raymond Loke +2, Eddy Ong +2, Vincent Choy +2, Michelle Yeo +2), Excellence Team (Road Show by Veron Lim +2, Fern Wong +2, Grace Sin +2, Dionis Chew +2), Steady Sturdee (Road Show by Nicole Chia +2, Lim Willy +2, Jimmy Lim +2, C K Lau +2, Choon Meng +2), Tagger IC Team (Road Show by Joseph Lee HK +2)

    11.5.2016- Excellence Team (Team Cheer Video +15), Sturdee Warriors (Elaine Chen +2, Ming Seng +2, Ryan Md +2, Kimberly +2, Lynn +2, Donald +2), Penthouse Team (Irene Tan +2, Richard Tay +2)

    9.5.2016- Tagger IC (Doris Tey 1st tagging +5, Joseph Lee CH 1st tagging +5, Daniel 1st tagging +5), Sturdee Warriors (Lynn Koay closing +10)

    6.5.2016- Tagger IC (Julian Teo 1st tagging +5)

    5.5.2016- Bao Huat Team (Road Show at Junction 8 by Raymond Loke +2, Michelle Teo +2, Sherlyn Loh +2), Sturdee Warriors Team (Road Show at Junction 8 by Elaine Chan +2)

    4.5.2016- Penthouse Team (Road Show at SIR MRT by Daniel Goh +2, Alda Loo +2, Stevie Lim +2, Shibani +2), Steady Sturdee Team (Road Show at Paya Lebar Square by Lim Willy +2, Sharon Ng +2, Eric Goh +2)

    3.5.2016- Bao Huat Team (Road show at Boon Keng MRT by Michelle Yeo +2, Vincent Choy +2, Sherlyn Loh +2, Raymond Loke +2)

    2.5.2016- Bao Huat Team (Sales by Sherlyn +10), Tagger IC (Doris Tey closed 17-06 and 26-06 +20)

    1.5.2016- Penthouse Team (Road Show by Daniel Goh +2, Irene Tan +2, Shibani +2), Bao Huat Team (Eddy sold 15-07 +10)

    30.4.2016- Tagger IC (Closing by Jack Ong +10, Doris Tey +10, Road Show by Eric Goh +2), Steady Strudee (Road Show by Lim Willy +2, CK Lau +2, Nicole Chia +2, Sharon Ng +2 Alexia Siyu +2)

    28.4.2016- Sturdee Warriors +1, Bau Huat Team +3, Penhouse Team +9, Steady Sturdee +12, Excellence Team +10

    Congratulations to Steady Sturdee for winning the first challenge! Hope you all enjoy the Direct Flown-in cream puffs from Japan!

    Elite Tagger IC-

    Angeline Ang, Angeline Lim, Catherine Goh, Cheryl Chan, Daniel Lim, Doris Tey, Eric Goh, Jack Ong, Jeannie Goh, Joel Png, Joseph Lee, Joseph Lee HK, Julian Teo, KK Yong, Kenneth Liew, May Chua, Michelle Ang, Tiffany Yew, William Lee

    Team A – Sturdee Warriors

    Donald Yong (Leader), Steven Ong, Kimberly Ng, Ryan Md, Elaine Chan, Eric Tan, Lee Ming Seng, Sung Mei Xuan (Mei), Serene Long, Eric Ang, Lynn Koay

    Team B- Bau Huat Team

    Vincent Choy (Leader), Raymond Loke, Larry Ong, Michelle Yeo, Sherlyn Loh, Eddy Ong, Diana Kurniawan, Madelyn Wong, Gary Ng, Melvin Tan

    Team C- Penthouse Team

    Daniel Goh (Leader), Benson Yan, Doris Pek, Stevie Lim, Shibani, Irene Tan, Alda Loo, Richard Tay, Michelle Pak, Sandra Sim

    Team D- Steady Sturdee

    Willy Lim (Leader), Michelle Tan, Alexia Liu, Bowie Neo, Nicole Chia, Sharon Ng, C K Lau, Lim Choon Meng, Nancy Teo, Jimmy Lim, Simon Leow

    Team E- Excellence Team

    Fern Wong (Leader), Kuswandi Andi Ho, Dionis Chew, Brandan Lim, Veron Lim, Grace Sin, Gunathy, Viktor Ang, Kari Chew, Brandon Koh